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Back from a wonderful vacation ... and still floating on its memories ... somebody give me a pinch. Its monday morning and I need to be awake and alert for the day's work. Oh .. but it was so good there, my mind keeps floating back ... :)
Sharing a few snaps here ... as I cant stop revisiting it again and again ...

Tarkarli - Visit Guide

I had collected this information from various reviews on the internet. Added finer details after I actually visited the place in Oct 2010.

How to Reach: Tarkarli is 5 kms from Malvan.
Route 1 – Pune – Kolhapur - via Radhanagari ghat – Malvan - Tarkarli Picturesque route, radhanagari dam backwaters on the way. Road is deserted and lonely but entirely through forest area and very scenic. Risky if traveling at evening/night time as there is no help nearby in case of any kind of emergencies. Not much traffic
Route 2 – Pune – Kolhapur -  via Gaganbawda ghat – Malvan - Tarkarli More traffic compared to radhanagari route. Goes through several small villages on the way hence not too risky but less beautiful compared to radhanagari. We were able to visit ‘gul’ (jaggery) making outlets on this way and were able to see the complete process, eat the fresh prepared gul and buy some as well.
What to do: Beach: Tarkarli beach Nearby beaches like devbag beach and chivla beach.Boat ride: Boat ride to Karli bac…

My Diwali Memories

Had a wonderful diwali this year. We had made a killa in our terrace and decorated  it with little clay statues of Shivaji Maharaj and 'mavlas'. kandil and diyas define diwali and afcourse gifts specially dryfruits complete it. Best part is the 'faral' which includes chakali, ladoos, karanji and shev ... yummy. Sharing few snaps of my favorite diwali stuff.

Shubh Deepawali

Wow .. the city looks amazing. Everybody has decorated their houses with lights and lanterns. I so love this time of the year.
@Magarpatta they had done this amamzing thing ... they had asked the residents and office people to come out on streets and light lamps on the entire road around the aditi gardens in the centre of the city. And they had switched off the street lights. When we saw it from our office windows it looked so awesome. Entire road was illuminated through thousands of lamps and everyone was out on streets wishing each other and taking snaps. The magarpatta management had also arranged for a light and firecrackers show. Really made my day ... :)
Just had a huge breakfast of the traditional 'faral' .. and the kitchen smells wonderful ... preps for lunch going in full swing .. :D
Wishing everyone a very happy and joyeous Diwali .... Deepawali chya hardik shubheccha!!

Sharing few Tarkarli Snaps


Aah!! ... Tarkarli

Just back from a wonderful, awesome weekend trip to Tarkarli ...
Completely unexploited and uncrowded, its an excellent beach and amazing sea food ... :)
pomplet, surmai, kolambi, tisrya ... you name it and you have it ...
Also tried snorkelling .... wonderful experiance. Going to search the history-geography of corals now. Collected so many beautiful shells and real big ones.
Ohh ... was that my phone ringing??!! ... Good God ... am i back in Pune!!
works's calling .... :(