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IPL ...

The Indian Premier League fever is going on in the country. And you simply cannot ignore it. 2 matches a day to the post IPL parties and player linkups - it makes for a lot of entertainment. Personally I do not support any particular team and I find this an overdose of cricket. But having an opportunity to see the match  between  Pune Warriors and Deccan Charges,I decided to go for it.

The new Subroto Roy Sahara stadium in Pune is a world class stadium. The amount of energy and enthusiasm was amazing. Loved every bit of it. There was a sea of blue flags - supporters of the Pune Warriors team. Everybody was dancing, screaming and waving flags for the cameras ... :)

The match was a different story sadly .. :( . Pune warriors lost the match to Deccan chargers. The first half of the match was most exciting. But due to restrictions on sound/noise, the second half of the match did not have any commentary or any kinds of sounds playing on the system. So it was like watching a game on mute. a…

Orchids and Roses ...

These are some snaps of different flowers which I had captured at different times. 
Orchids are known for their beauty. These flowers wilt very slowly. We had kept them at our house for almost 3 weeks. You only need to keep changing the water in the vase and they remain as fresh as ever. 

Roses always make for a pretty picture. The flower of Love, peace, friendship and many things ..  Probably the most popular flower in the world ... 

These are tuberose or 'Nishigandha', my favorite flower for obvious reasons ... :D .. ;) ;) They smell so good and these too can be kept for about a week before the finally wilt away.

Pot painting ...

One of my friends had gone to this place called 'Chokhi Dhani' in Pune where they have live pottery stalls that allow you to try your hands at pottery, creating small interesting art works. And we are also allowed to take this piece which we create. So my friend had got this beautiful little flower pot and I simply had to paint it ... :)

The tough part here is that these are not baked. That makes them extremely delicate and difficult to work with. 
I started with 2 coats of  primer. My idea was to paint it in the rainbow colors of 'vibgyor' but given it's size I was able to put only 4 colors on it.

Sharing a few pics here ... It does look kind of cute ... :)