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Saturday Brunch ... Munch Munch!!

Tried a couple of new dishes this weekend. Wanted something which is tasty but healthy .. a tough combination. So decided on this menu for a lazy Saturday brunch - A simple Salad and Aubergine Kebabs. It turned out to be quite a surprise because it was actually very tasty - never thought salads could really taste so good ... :) Here's the simple recipe.

For Salad:
1. Nicely cut salad vegetables like lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and capsicum.

2. Mix them together in a salad bowl and add some salt and herbs to taste .. and you'r done ... :D
Tip: Add cubed cheese pieces (cheddar or regular cheese with chili flakes)

For Kebabs:

Take a large Aubergine and cut it into slices - not too thin. Place this in water so that they do not start turning black. Mix together mixed dal flour (available in markets - known as 'bhajani' here in Maharashtra) with salt and chili powder as per taste. Place a flat pan on the gas and put little oil into it. Let it heat up nicely. Now take o…