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Autumn ....


Weekend Wrap-up

There are these 2 things which I've recently learned to cook. They are super simple and good for that hunger pangs after you come home from office and find that you have to cook the dinner from scratch. So I make these and eat some while making .. :D so that I'm up for the dinner cooking effort rather then eating some readymade stuff.
Chilli Cheese Toast - All Ingredients off the shelf. Wheat bread Shredded Cheese Finely chopped green chillis or Red chilli flakes Place 2-3 slices on a foil.Top it with shredded cheese and chilliplace it in the oven and heat it at 160 for 5 mins (may differ based on your oven)Remove from the oven and dig in .. :)
Salad: Salad mix - its washed and ready to use.sliced carrotsgrapes or strawberries - i like to make my salad colorful .. :)Ready salad dressing off the shelf (it's better to have a readymade dressing rather then having the entire dinner ready made)Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Pour some dressing sauce and dig in .. :)
I'm m…

Spaghetti Bolognese ..

Spaghetti Bolognese - I never knew much about this dish earlier and always thought such exotic sounding dishes were very difficult to make. But I was pleasantly suprised when I came across an easy receipe for Spaghetti bolognese. Ok, so this may not exactly be bolognese since it does not have any beef or any meat at all for that matter. But it's a happy vegetarian version of the exotic spaghetti bolognese. Ingredients: spaghettichopped vegeis like onions, tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms and some fresh parsley/corriander for that subtle flavor (i prefer corriander since i'm more used to it's taste then parsley - but i accidentally got parsley so here it goes .. :)) peas and corn shredded cheese mix for seasoningmixed herbs for seasoningsalt to tastetomato ketchup - I love adding this instead of canned/pured tomatoes
Receipe: Heat a pan and add some oil to it. I'm more used to our normal vegetable oil rather than olive oil.Add the onions and saute them till they turn tender. …

6 years of blissful togetherness!!

If you are celebrating some occassion in sydney, you have to go to Darling Harbor .. :) Amazing place with lots of good restaurants at the waterfront. So many options to choose from that you dont have to worry about being a vegetarian either .. :). Yeah, I'm not a vegetarian but I always prefer going to a veg-friendly place because both me and hubz are very fussy about what meat we eat. So it's always good to have veg options handy in case we do not get anything to our liking. Although it was a weekday, we made bookings in advance so as not to have any surprises. It's easy enough to book any restaurants from their websites. From Circular Quay, there are regular ferries going to Darling Harbor. Although you can always walk or take a train if you want to travel to Darling harbor from the city, taking a boat adds that extra special touch to a beautiful evening .. :) A liesure walk around the Circular quay wharves admiring the harbor bridge and opera house - I cant stop admir…