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Manly Beach

Sydney is famous for it's beach lifestyle. There are many beaches along the Sydney coastline. The famous among them being the Bondi and Manly. Although it's nearing the end of winters, the weather is never too bad for some time at the sea in Sydney.

Manly beach is best visited by the ferry from Circular Quay. The walk from the Manly wharf to the Beach takes just about 5-10 mins and passes through the high street market kind of area of Manly.

The beach is good for a walk or a swim. Mostly famous for surfing but that's some serious business and would love to learn to surf someday .. Apart from surfing, there is also kayaking which is another thing on my top to-do lists of all time .. :)

The area around the beach has many eating options, options to just laze around or do a bit of shopping. Had a great day outdoors enjoying some sun and sea. Walking along the beach, eating at the high street and shopping at street markets. Next time I'm coming in the summers with some time f…

Whale Watching

Had a whale of a time .. at whale watching Sydney .. :)
It's that time of the year when the whales are on their north-wards migration probably due to winters in the southern hemisphere. They travel just a few kilometers off the coast of Sydney and are a treat to watch.

Though the biggest of the species weigh somewhere between 40-50 tons, the ones we saw were the hatchback whales which are between 20-25 tons.
They are really huge and from the cruise boat although quite far could be seen very clearly. The exhalation of water through blowholes that the whales do can actually be seen like a small fountain right in the middle of the ocean. It is always followed by the huge animal showing itself up and the famous pectoral fin which it flaps in the water just before going in for a long time below water.

It was a treat to see these huge creatures. The weather was great, the views amazing. We were even able to spot dolphins. Coming up and going back in the water in their trademark style. Th…

Terrace View

Sydney is really blessed with an amazing weather. It's still winters, but the sun shines bright and the atmosphere is so pleasant. To top this I'm lucky to be working in this heritage building right next to the Harbor bridge and Opera house. The waters so blue and the surroundings so green .. well enough to make you poetic .. :)

We had this charity lunch of Pie and drinks at the office organized for a worthy cause. The highlight of the event was an opportunity to have  lunch at the Terrace. Sure as hell I would never have missed it. The Pies were delicious and the drinks nice and cool. But the best part was the amazing, jaw dropping view from the top.

Sharing a few pics .. waiting for another charity event at the terrace. Amazing views + some good deeds. Complete win-win .. :)