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Ball's Head Reserve, Waverton

Each time I mention to somebody that I went to visit this place called - Ball's Head - people give me a funny look .. :)  Yeah, I agree the name is quite funny probably even bordering to vulgar for some, but the place is indeed beautiful and worth visiting not just on new year's eve but anytime of the year.

Ball's Head Reserve as goes the full name is a huge bushland park very close to Sydney CBD. It is accessible from the suburb of Waverton - just a 10mins walk from the station. Due to it's vicinity to the harbor, it has got some amazing views of the harbor bridge and Sydney skyline. It's popular during the new year's eve as it gives clear views of the fireworks done at the harbor to welcome the new year.

We reached Waverton around 11am and walked for just about 10mins as per the road signs to reach the ball's head reserve. It's a huge park and has many walks and picnic areas. There are also some cliff like places - not too high just good to give a vi…

ANZAC day parade ...

Had a lazy weekend at home. Since the temperatures are dipping, it feels better to sit at home and be cozy .. :)

Though we did get out for some time to have a look at the ANZAC day parade here in hornsby and get the patriotic feel around.
It was a small parade with local authorities and schools/clubs participating to pay homage to the veteran soldiers. The most striking thing about the parade was the efficient management. From diverting traffic to managing the small crowd and finishing the entire thing on time with least hurdles for others was an exceptional thing. But for the actual parade, I'd be a lot more partial or favoring to the parades back in India. They are just too good .. :)

But overall the fervor and enthusiasm of general public and efficient participation of the authorities was really worth the time and effort.

Hornsby Park

There is this huge park with many walks very close to our current place of residence. Hence on a free weekend, with good weather we decided to explore it further. The park - known as hornsby park is more popular with the mountain bikers for it has multiple biking trails going through hilly regions and with increasing difficulty. There are also several walks going through the hills and valley - known as the old man's valley.
The route was indeed very nice. Going through the jungles and meeting few fellow walkers. After some meandering, we came across the steps which lead into the old man's valley. I did not count them exactly but i guess there were approx. 75-80 steps to reach the park below. On reaching down, there was a clearing where many families and kids had come for a weekend picnic. There is information on further walks which include a lake walk and a walk all the way to the harbor. Definitely noted this for further trips.
While returning we decided to go via the motora…

Cockatoo Isand

Cockatoo island is located at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers. There are regular boat ferries to this island starting at Circular Quay. It takes about 25-30 mins of boat ride in fine weather marveling at the beautiful Sydney skyline to reach here.

This island was originally a convict site where the convicts had built the convict barracks, guard houses and tunnels in the sandstone hills on the island. Later it was converted into a ship building yard which was operational till about 15 years back. Since then it has been declared as a heritage site for the convict barracks and sandstone tunnels. It's got a beautiful view and is very close to the main land. It's easily accessible via kayaks/canoes and private yatchs or boats. The island is now developed into a camping site with options of hiring tents or getting your own camping equipment. The camping area is right on the coast and gives a beautiful view of the river and city skyline. There is an open barbecue …