Cockatoo Isand

Aerial View
Cockatoo island is located at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers. There are regular boat ferries to this island starting at Circular Quay. It takes about 25-30 mins of boat ride in fine weather marveling at the beautiful Sydney skyline to reach here.

This island was originally a convict site where the convicts had built the convict barracks, guard houses and tunnels in the sandstone hills on the island. Later it was converted into a ship building yard which was operational till about 15 years back. Since then it has been declared as a heritage site for the convict barracks and sandstone tunnels. It's got a beautiful view and is very close to the main land. It's easily accessible via kayaks/canoes and private yatchs or boats. The island is now developed into a camping site with options of hiring tents or getting your own camping equipment. The camping area is right on the coast and gives a beautiful view of the river and city skyline. There is an open barbecue picnic area as well as docking area for private kayak/canoes which can also be used for some swimming and playing in water.
Walkway around the island
Convict Barracks
On reaching the island, there is a visitor information desk where you can get printed guides as well as audio tours for sightseeing on the island. The tour takes you through the ship building facilities like design rooms and workshops to the convict rooms, guard houses and tunnels as well as the large govt. bungalow on the highest point of the island. There are a few private bungalows as well here which can be rented for bigger parties. It also has a tennis court and it must be fun playing tennis while enjoying the amazing view of the river and city beyond.
Sandstone Cliffs on the island
Camping Site
After a couple of hours touring the island, we arrived at the picnic areas and had a picnic lunch sitting on the camping grounds while enjoying the nice weather and sun. We were back to circular quay by the afternoon ferry in time for a nice hot chocolate from star bucks to end a beautiful picnic day.
Sydney Skyline
Yatchs and Canoes


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