Ball's Head Reserve, Waverton

Each time I mention to somebody that I went to visit this place called - Ball's Head - people give me a funny look .. :)  Yeah, I agree the name is quite funny probably even bordering to vulgar for some, but the place is indeed beautiful and worth visiting not just on new year's eve but anytime of the year.
Harbor Bridge View
Sun filled Park

Ball's Head Reserve as goes the full name is a huge bushland park very close to Sydney CBD. It is accessible from the suburb of Waverton - just a 10mins walk from the station. Due to it's vicinity to the harbor, it has got some amazing views of the harbor bridge and Sydney skyline. It's popular during the new year's eve as it gives clear views of the fireworks done at the harbor to welcome the new year.

We reached Waverton around 11am and walked for just about 10mins as per the road signs to reach the ball's head reserve. It's a huge park and has many walks and picnic areas. There are also some cliff like places - not too high just good to give a view and best for fishing as well as some areas like a small private beach - but these are for the more adventurous, as you have to take detour from the main walk and go down the hill at your own risk.

Sydney Skyline 
Tom's Cabin 
 But even if you do not go to the cliffs or the private beaches, the walks are very good and there are clearings on the route where you can wait and admire the harbor bridge and the Sydney skyline. With such fine weather and such forest and greenery around, it was a very relaxing walk spiced with great views. The Miden walk path which we chose also had some old cave like places - one popular by the name Tom's cabin. Tom sure was a lucky guy to have such views of the harbor and private beaches all his own .. :)

We wound up the outing with some hot chocolate and sandwich at one of the local cafes. There are some good eating options on the way from the reserve to the station - even an Indian and Thai restaurant worth trying someday.
Birds of Paradise
Another of the grand views ...


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