Hornsby Park

There is this huge park with many walks very close to our current place of residence. Hence on a free weekend, with good weather we decided to explore it further. The park - known as hornsby park is more popular with the mountain bikers for it has multiple biking trails going through hilly regions and with increasing difficulty. There are also several walks going through the hills and valley - known as the old man's valley.
Steps leading to Old Man's Valley
North Walk
The route was indeed very nice. Going through the jungles and meeting few fellow walkers. After some meandering, we came across the steps which lead into the old man's valley. I did not count them exactly but i guess there were approx. 75-80 steps to reach the park below. On reaching down, there was a clearing where many families and kids had come for a weekend picnic. There is information on further walks which include a lake walk and a walk all the way to the harbor. Definitely noted this for further trips.
Road while coming back
Some rock art ..
While returning we decided to go via the motorable road which comes to this park from the hornsby station. This too was a nice walk - though a little tiring as this road coming up from the valley was very steep at some places. Overall a good way to spend a spare day on a weekend. Would surely try to keep coming here whenever we find a spare day on some lazy weekend .. :)


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