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My little terrace garden is in full blooms ... :)
Consistency in watering the plants, shoveling the planters and occasional clean up has resulted good yields. I can now allow myself some expansion plans. Will get roses, hibiscus and some such real plants this time.


Dedicated to all my friends, who have been with me through all these years. Sharing and caring ...

To my childhood friends ... with whom I've spent amazing years .... seeing a new dream every other day ...

To my school friends ... from whom I've learned many a trick .. studied and played ... strive'd together to achieve our aim ... 
To my college/hostel mates .... have spent most wonderful years of my life ... sharing a room, sharing cloths, sharing dreams ... sharing our whole lives ...  
To my work friends ... we may have started as colleagues ... but will continue forever as friends .. 

Your friendship has given me a lot in life ... loads of dreams ... loads of lessons .. sometimes a meaning and a sometimes a reason ..  Hence it means a lot to me ... :)


Mandoshi is a quaint little village on the way to Bhimashankar, about 80Kms from Pune. The route goes via Rajgurunagar from where you need to take the diversion towards another small town called 'Wada'.  The entire road meanders through small hills and misty ghats and even the drive is equally interesting.

On the way we came across the mighty Chaskaman dam and its backwaters. This one is touted to be the new water supplier to the eastern parts of ever increasing Pune city. Green, misty and completely unexplored, it is a treat to watch this dam,backwaters and the entire catchment area.

The road goes through forest areas and small farming hamlets on the way. Most of the farms were covered with beautiful young green shoots of rice fields. That is one amazing hue of green, simply awesome. 

Finally we reached the small village of Mandoshi. When asked the locals about this waterfall they could not imagine that somebody might actually come to see this waterfall in their backyard. They f…

Weekend Wrap-up

Had another fun filled weekend. Learned 1 new recipe and visited one amazing picnic spot in the green hills near Pune. Looks like am developing a new love for cooking .. :)
This time its eggs. This is sort of a mix between the Spanish omelette and our very own Indian version  - masala omelette.  Here goes the simple recipe: 

Cut some veggies you would like with the egg - onions, tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms, corn and beans. We'll add green chilies and coriander leaves for garnishing. Heat some oil in a pan and add all above veggies to it. Cover and keep for some time till the veggies specially the beans are tender and cooked well. Add salt to taste. For the omelette, beat 2 eggs and add salt and pepper to it. Put some butter on a heated pan and pour in the beaten eggs. Add some mixed herbs on top to give that exotic flavoring. Once the omelette is cooked from one side, flip it. On the cooked side, pour some cooked veggies and top it with some grated cheese. Till then the other side…