Mandoshi is a quaint little village on the way to Bhimashankar, about 80Kms from Pune. The route goes via Rajgurunagar from where you need to take the diversion towards another small town called 'Wada'.  The entire road meanders through small hills and misty ghats and even the drive is equally interesting.

On the way we came across the mighty Chaskaman dam and its backwaters. This one is touted to be the new water supplier to the eastern parts of ever increasing Pune city. Green, misty and completely unexplored, it is a treat to watch this dam,backwaters and the entire catchment area.

The road goes through forest areas and small farming hamlets on the way. Most of the farms were covered with beautiful young green shoots of rice fields. That is one amazing hue of green, simply awesome. 

Finally we reached the small village of Mandoshi. When asked the locals about this waterfall they could not imagine that somebody might actually come to see this waterfall in their backyard. They found it even funnier when we started the small trek to the waterfall in full preps - shoes, umbrellas, food and water bottles .. :D

Its a small walk from the village which goes through an ancient bridge and a little bit of climb to reach the foothills of the waterfall. But the water flows down with quite a force and one cannot actually stand beneath it. We also trekked to the top of the waterfall  and roamed around in the near by fields. Finally settled on the banks of  the same stream where the water was flowing through rocks and had our picnic lunch .. :) 

Was an awesome trip and felt like being back in childhood days. Got wet in the rains and played in the stream waters to my content. Had garma garam chai and biskoot at the tapri enroute and came home with the heater turned on in the car .. :)


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