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Colors of Nature

Recently going through my collection of snaps came across this beautiful photos which I had captured while in UK. It was fall time and these snaps were captured in a park. The leave are changing colors and are in different stages giving the trees a very colorful look.
Summers in Europe may be a more joyful time but I would vote for fall as the most beautiful time of the year. Sharing a few lovely snaps here ...

Weekend Wrap-up

This was the first weekend of the year ... so decided to start it with something new.
Got 2 new plants for my terrace garden ... :)

An aloe vera and a lemon grass. Both plants are known for their medicinal value. Tea made with lemon grass, tulsi, adrak and pepper is the best known homemade remedy for common cold. With dipping temperatures, it's the best thing to have, to prepare yourself against the cough/cold viral infections which come around this season.

These lovely new shoots come along with the new year. And hibiscus is the best plant in my kitty right now. Its always blooming ... :)

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2012 .... Time to stop by and think how 2011 went.
Mine was a great year. Many amazing memories, many dreams which came true.
2012 is here with a whole new set of ideas and expectations. New heights to achieve, new places to visit ... Looking forward for another wonderful year ....