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4 years, 6 months and 3days ... this is what it took me to come back to this page ...
Gosh!! .. what was I thinking?? ... or rather what was I doing all this time??
Hmm .. well for starters ... I got married .. :)

But even then it seems like these 4 years have simply vanished. Are we in some kind of time machine? .. which seems to be running in a fast forward mode??

Ok .. things are coming back to me now ... I had been to one onsite trip, changed 2 jobs and afcourse there was this bad recession. I've made quite a few trips and attended many weddings. And yes I've changed 3 houses!! ... that did take up a whole lot of time. I can only be thankful, I've not had to change cities.

In my usual day-to-day routine I always forget to take stock of what I have have done so far. But if I sit and think, looks like I have been doing quite a lot of things.

Ohh .. but as always the list of things 'to do' is always huge and getting bigger all the time. Still not done with my diwali s…