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Flower Power!!

Spring is here and my terrace garden seems to be blooming to welcome the new year ... :)
Could not stop sharing this lovely pics from my garden ....

I loved these colors so much, I've set this pic as wallpaper on my phone...

Death by Chocolate!!

Death by chocolate is a desert which has so much chocolate that it feels like drowning to death in chocolate .. :D

Not sure of its origins or what goes into the authentic recipe, I just decided to put some chocolaty options together and have some fun .. It turned out to be quite good.. :D

Basic ingredients: Chocolate muffins/cup cake
Chocolate ice-cream
Chocolate to top it
Optional - chocolate sauce to actually let people drown in it ... :D

Cut the chocolate muffin and place it in a large bowl.
Add some chocolate ice-cream on top.
Finally for the topping, I added some shavings of a dairy milk.
Additionally you could add dry fruits or berries on it.
You can also pour some chocolate sauce on your bowl/dessert dish as well as on top.
To add a professional touch, add a chocolate stick for decoration ... ;)

 Death by chocolate is ready!! ... aah!! ... gruesome ... :)

Spring is coming!!

I have this lovely hibiscus plant in my terrace garden which is in blooms almost through out the year. Strangely, a few weeks back, although it had flowers at the top, the branches were loosing all their leaves. They turned yellow and started dropping one by one. It reached a point that the plant had no leaves at all and I was worried that it may be dying ....
Then suddenly last week, i caught these shoots coming from the nodes of the barren branches. The plant is turning green again .... its spring time!!

Photo this week

I've always loved capturing events or in general any nice nature or urban scene I come across. Over years I've collected a wide range of snaps which I would love to show around .. :)
Let me start by posting one of my sunrise snap. This snap was captured a couple of weeks back when I was travelling to Pune on my way back from my hometown Nasik. We started really early in the morning to avoid traffic and reach Pune in time for office. We were lucky to catch the rising sun, welcoming the day ... :)