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All things Pink...

Had a great weekend with the family ... Even though it's summers weather has not been too bad this year. Evenings are really pleasant and nights are cool these days.
Been hosting family and guests entire weekend and made a couple of awesome summer coolers .. :)
Cant stop sharing this - Tender Coconut - Strawberry Falooda

Vermicelli-SeviyanTender Coconut ice-cream - Naturals has this awesome flavorStrawberry crushTender Coconut water and mallai (tender coconut)Soaked subja seeds (soaked for atleast 30 mins)

Cook some vermicelli-seviyan in boiling water. Let the water drain and allow it to cool down completely.In a blender, mix the coconut water and mallai and add some strawberry crush to give it that cute pink color. Falooda is basically layering of seviyan, crush, milkshake/juice and ice-cream. So in a tall glass, start with cooked seviyan, top it with some strawberry crush, add some subja seeds, pour some blended coconut strawberry juice and top it with the tend…

kairee panhe!! ..

Kairee Panhe as it is popularly known is a summer drink made from the raw mangoes. Its sweet and refreshing and helps cool down during hot summers. The raw mangoes are pressure cooked, de-seeded and mixed with jaggery and cooked to make this kairee crush. This is usually made in the beginning of summers. To actually make the drink, we only need to add water and sugar/salt as per taste to this kairee crush. Summers cant be complete without this kairee panhe ... :)

Summery Sweetness ...

Although i hate this weather ... i am very fond of the fruits we get in this season .. the bright yellow Alphonso mangoes and the cool refreshing watermelons ... :)
Had a 'shahi' mango milkshake for dessert this weekend. The recipe in short ..
Mango pieces + milk + sugar. Blend it in a blender
Pour it in glass and add some vanilla ice cream
Top is off with some mango pieces ... yummm 

Watermelon is an amazing fruit and so well designed for summers. It consists of almost 95% water. Me and Hubz finished one 2kg biggie in single sitting ... :)
Simple to server and eat. Just cut manageable slices and top it with some chat masala ... :)


Its that time of the year when the king of fruits is visiting us ... :)
Was lucky to catch hold of some amazing Ratnagiri Hapus Aambe... and man .. can't get enough of them. The fresh, sweet, sunny yellow colored fruit is too awesome to miss.

Looking forward to lots of more mangoes this summer .. :)