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Strawberries ...

The strawberry season is here and I simply can not resist the fresh, juicy red fruit. Strawberries are eaten in various forms, but the most popular I feel are the strawberry with cream and strawberry shake options.
With the onset of summer, a cool refreshing milk shake is just the kind of thing you would look forward to after a hard day at work ... :). So I too decided to make one for myself with these few easy steps ...

Wash and clean the strawberries and chop them in 2-3 pieces each.Add the chopped strawberries, Sugar (as per taste) and chilled milk into a blender. 

Blend it well. It gives a light pink color which i simply love ... Serve it with a strawberry or 2 on top of the glass. You can also use some strawberry crush on the glass to give it a more appealing look.
And you are ready to sluuurrrppppp .....
Aah!! .... :)

Personalized Calendar ... :)

Had this idea of creating a hand made personalized calendar since many days. Am finally able to actually create it. Hand made because I'm writing the dates and personalized because I've added family photographs and birthday/anniversary reminders for myself. Really simple and even make for a great gift to near ones specially right into the new year.
Here's the plan ...
Requirements: Handmade paper - any color of your choice, I always prefer whiteColored gel pens - If you get them with sparkler ink, its even betterPhotographs of the family members/friends - Idea is to get at least 12 photo's one for each month. I've used this birthday/anniversary theme. So I selected photos of family members who have their birthday in that month. You could use other themes like seasons or festivals - so select seasonal/festival photo's to represent season or festival falling in that month. Photos having people in them make it more personal.Decorative Items - Anything from colored r…

Weekend Fun!!

Had a super lazy weekend ... Felt good to be at home doing nothing for a change ...
well not like totally nothing .. had some fun with colors ... :)

And watched the new movie - Ek mai aur ek tu.

Best part is the movie moves with good pace and is over in less than 2 hours. Not overtly emotional and shows somewhat realistic situations in life for a change. Loosely based on the English flick 'what happens in Vegas', this movie also shows a Vegas wedding in drunken stupor between the lead actors.

Liked watching both Kareena and Imran Khan on screen as individual characters but there is no great on-screen chemistry between them. Overall a good watch for a lazy weekend.