Personalized Calendar ... :)

Had this idea of creating a hand made personalized calendar since many days. Am finally able to actually create it. Hand made because I'm writing the dates and personalized because I've added family photographs and birthday/anniversary reminders for myself. Really simple and even make for a great gift to near ones specially right into the new year.
Here's the plan ...
  • Handmade paper - any color of your choice, I always prefer white
  • Colored gel pens - If you get them with sparkler ink, its even better
  • Photographs of the family members/friends - Idea is to get at least 12 photo's one for each month. I've used this birthday/anniversary theme. So I selected photos of family members who have their birthday in that month. You could use other themes like seasons or festivals - so select seasonal/festival photo's to represent season or festival falling in that month. Photos having people in them make it more personal.
  • Decorative Items - Anything from colored ribbons to paper frames

  • Cut the handmade paper sheet into 12 cards on which to create your calendar. The size should be enough to hold a photograph on one side and the calendar dates on the other.
  • Write the month name, followed by days and finally the dates for that month. You could use different color inks to represent the weekends. 
  • Highlight the dates on which there is a birthday/anniversary and you can write a note below as to what that date represents.
  • On the other side of the card, paste a photo or 2 of the people who have birthday or anniversary in that month.
Once the photo and calendar is created on the card, you can decorate it with as much stuff as you like.
Finally get a spiral bind to it and you are ready to go ... :)


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