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Home sweet home ...

Ok so its out .. :)
check my implementations for the ideas I had been toying with for last few days .. 

The empty glass jar filled with shells in the bottom and fresh flowers ... gives a welcome at my door
My TV unit has indeed turned out to be really great. Wall mounted it with 2 simple glass pieces below it which  take care of my several gadgets. Less space .. less mess ... and amazingly less budget (excluding the TV afcourse) .. :)
The jars with spoons and other kitchen stuff is one of my favorite arrangements ever. Loved it
 Be back with some house snaps ... which is ready for its launch .. :)

Green House!!

Green is my favorite color. I've always loved being in green surroundings, like the hills and forts surrounding pune - specially after rains. Its awesome ... :) And what better way than a 'house garden' to get bit of this 'slice of paradise' at home ... :)
Luckily, I've got a nice little terrace to my house where I can manage to create a small home garden. Nothing extravagant, but just a few potted plants which will give that 'green' feel to my home.
Stumbelled upon some amazing deco ideas for house gardens. Sharing some pics here.

 Colored pots make a huge impact. You can manage to get earthen pots in all shapes and sizes in the market. And they are very simple to color.

This white pot with 'grass like' plant - sorry I'm a beginner in this field so I've no clue what these plants are called - is such a nice option to place by the door.

Simply loved this idea of placing rocks in the planters. And check this simple setting with Ganesha statue …

First things first!!

People usually dont acknowledge it, but clean and big washing area makes a huge difference in our lives. Obviously since thats the very first place in the house you see after getting up each morning .. :)
Thankfully I'm not much pressed on space in my new place and I'm planing to get a nice big wash basin with a huge mirror fitted there.
My usual approach, answer to all my questions .. :D. The internet afcourse. Have come across some amazing designs in there.
Check out the amazing spiral design below. But my favorite is the amoeba style colorful design. How I wish I can manage to get that amoeba from somewhere .. :)

But my visit to neighbourhood stores had been disappointing. They do not have any such unusual designs. I'm not losing hopes though. Trying to figure out same way to get something similar.

For above pictures, courtesy-

Full on entertainment!!

These days I'm into complete research mode ... :D dont get me wrong .. nothing sci-fi. Research for decorating my little space with some easy options. And this time my focus is my TV area. Got a nice LCD already, now just need some good way to put it up in my living room.
I'm not too good at keeping showcases - TV units where you set up some decorative items as well behind glass doors. So I've decided to go with wall mounting the TV and having some manageable unit below it to place the tata sky unit, dvd and speaker unit.
As always, my search on net has ended up with this few simple options. Also gives me a great idea to get my Tv wall painted or to get some attractive wall paper on it.

But I'm not sure from where I can manage to get all this stuff. May be need to think some more and as always go through the stuff already available with me. More than usual such exercise gives you loads of ideas.

Kitchen Deco

Whoa! .. having a furnished kitchen helps a lot. I've already done setting it up with all basic stuff in place and am able to make a decent meal out of what ever I've assembled so far. so that's good enough .. :) Searching for some good options to organize it now. Came across loads of ideas, but 2 of them have really come out to be very effective - easy to implement + looks good +cheap . What more can I ask for? .. :) Take a look at these pics from the net to see how amazingly easy it is to organize your kitchen space. Holders for spoons, spatulas, kitchen scissors and all things prone to be lost so easily.

Baskets - great and cheap option to place things like fruits/veggies. Hanging baskets can be great way to stash away all those papers/bills/receipts which get collected on top of the fridge. Baskets can also be placed in open shelves to store food items or empty cans/utensils which otherwise clutter the counter/shelves.

Theme for my home??!!

Wow .. am so lovin' it .. :D Been going through hundered of sites and mags and searching for house decoration themes. There are loads of them, but I want something really minimalistic and most importantly within my shoe string budget ..
Hmm .. now that's some task.
Going through all the "cute, but useless" and "oh! I like it so much, but it's of no use" stuff in my cupboard I've realised that most of my trips have been to beaches and I've collected loads of shells and bule-green vases and wall hangings. So looks like with 'Beach' as my theme, I'd be done in no time ... :) Going through internet and searching for 'beach' related deco items ... so many interesting ideas. Can't wait to start them ... Sharing few amazing ones here. Hopefully next time I'd be able to share snaps of my own implementations ... :)

My New Nest ...

Had been super busy ... after all you dont buy your dream house every other day ... :)
Yes! ... finally it has happened. I've got a new nest, perched on 8th floor with an amazing, amazing view. Just cant get enough of it .. :)

Shifted there a week back and now reality has started hitting me ... though in a very friendly manner .. :) Reminding me of the work that is left - of making it a 'Home' from the 'House' that it is!

Every corner I see in there, I keep imagining what all I could place there to increase its asthetics. Been going through loads of materials online, in books and mags. Trying to define a theme, trying to bring in my favorite colors. More on it later. For now, posting some snaps of my nest  .. my beautiful 8th floor perch ... :)