Theme for my home??!!

Wow .. am so lovin' it .. :D
Been going through hundered of sites and mags and searching for house decoration themes. There are loads of them, but I want something really minimalistic and most importantly within my shoe string budget ..
Hmm .. now that's some task.
Going through all the "cute, but useless" and "oh! I like it so much, but it's of no use" stuff in my cupboard I've realised that most of my trips have been to beaches and I've collected loads of shells and bule-green vases and wall hangings. So looks like with 'Beach' as my theme, I'd be done in no time ... :)
Going through internet and searching for 'beach' related deco items ... so many interesting ideas. Can't wait to start them ... Sharing few amazing ones here. Hopefully next time I'd be able to share snaps of my own implementations ... :)


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