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Good Bye

Last post of the year ... :) .. personally has been a gr8 year for me

So again I shifted yet another house this year ... seems like I end up shifting atleast once a year!!
Great learning and experiences professionally as well

On the social scene I feel it was definitely an year for change .. India against corruption campaign earlier and now the campaign for women's safety .. hats off to all the volunteers and Student Associations .. way to go

Coming to the new year ... loads of dreams and loads of things to do .. miles to go before  I sleep .. :)
Ah ..  as usual taking time for exercise and balanced diet top my list of new year resolutions .. only to be forgotten once I dig into my new year's special lunch tomorrow .. :)

Looking forward to this bright new year ...
Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year

Weekend Wrap-up!

Had an interesting weekend.
Watched the movie Life of Pi - 3D .. Loved it .. :)
Been to the dentist ... hated it .. :( Tried to make some Veg Pullav and satisfied with the outcome ... :) So with 2 :) was over-all a :) weekend ... :) :)
I'm no cooking wiz .. infact i'm a lousy cook .. so feels funny to be putting these recipes ... :) Try them at your own risk .. :) :)
About the Pullav recipe .. i'm mighty impressed by a couple of shows on the traveler channels .. so decided to go with the 'from scratch' approach for the spices. Well I was not really confident to pull it all till the end so finally added just a dash of biryani masala .. :D .. what would i do without them?? ..
Gather your stuff Cut veggies like carrots, cauliflower, onions and peasCollect spices like laung-elaichi, ginger-garlic, pepper and bay-leafMalai (cream) and kaju, badam, pista (dry-fruits) - let's make it "shahi" (meaning royal)

Heat some oil. I use the cooker directly. sav…