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Kolkatta - City of Joy

Kolkatta - capital city of WB, one of the major cities in India and a major power center during the Raj. The last  one sure sticks to kolkatta ... :). All the prominent landmarks are from the British era - the Howrah bridge or the Victoria Memorial or the Howrah railway station itself.

The city has expanded a lot in the last couple of decades with the new settlements like New Town or Rajarhat and Salt Lake city almost about 25-30 kms away from the city center. These areas are like an entire city within the larger city of Kolkatta.

One striking thing about kolkatta is the bazars!! - simply amazed by their shear size and numbers. There is Garia Haat, new market, Shaam bazar, Bow bazar, Shova bazar and top of all - the Babu ghat ... I'm sure I've missed a couple of equally huge markets and bazars. And we are not even counting the numerous malls and city centers around .. :) People here simply love to shop. And kolkatta cotton - why even my trip mates were buying like there is no t…

Diwali 2012

Had an amazing Diwali this year ... had been to Kolkatta - the city of joy. More on the trip later .. :)

Enjoyed a lot in the office as well .. with a whole week of activities - cube decorations and diya painting events. And office decorations - as always were totally amazing. They put you into the festive mood with lights and rangoli, diyas and flowers everywhere ...

On home front .. it was mostly travelling. Getting to see Diwali in Kolkatta .. with Kali Puja and loads of rassogullas .. :)

I've moved yet again. Same city, another house .. :) . So missed the Diwali and specially the fire cracker show in Magarpatta.