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Home away from home ... part 2


New Beginnings ...

Until last year it was only moving houses in the same city .. this year it was a complete transformation .. shifted to a new city, new country - Sydney, Australia. Although it's an enormous change, am taking it in small steps .. that way it does not overwhelm you .. :)

We are here on a PR visa getting which in itself is a time and energy consuming episode. After an year of getting all the paperwork done, we received our PR last June. Since then started the preparatory phase. Apart from the mental and emotional preparations, it also required lot of financial and career wise preparations.

Landed in Sydney on 20th Feb and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since .. :)
he job hunt, interview preparations, understanding the new market has all been really challenging. From aligning your resume to the market here to getting into contractual jobs - which is how the market here mostly works. Its all been a far cry from what happens in India. Getting the first job they say is tough in a…

Harbor Bridge and Opera House, Sydney

First free weekend in Sydney - where else can we go to but the Harbor Bridge and the Opera house - both amazing landmarks which identify with Sydney. We took the train to nearest rail station - Circular Qi. Right outside the station are the wharf from which there are boat ferries on to the Parramatta river network.

On either sides of the wharf is a walkway decorated with benches at regular intervals. There are a few cafes as well along the walkway where you can enjoy a meal while looking out at the vast water body. There is a team of aboriginal men showing their skills with the weapons and musical instruments. The aboriginal music sets a very colorful and festive mood to the entire place. There are also other street artists doing magic shows or trapeze shows or just acting like statues.

From the wharf if you head on the Opera house side, it's a lovely walk which goes around the opera house and into the royal botanical gardens on the other end. The entire walkway goes along the sea…