New Beginnings ...

Until last year it was only moving houses in the same city .. this year it was a complete transformation .. shifted to a new city, new country - Sydney, Australia. Although it's an enormous change, am taking it in small steps .. that way it does not overwhelm you .. :)

We are here on a PR visa getting which in itself is a time and energy consuming episode. After an year of getting all the paperwork done, we received our PR last June. Since then started the preparatory phase. Apart from the mental and emotional preparations, it also required lot of financial and career wise preparations.

Landed in Sydney on 20th Feb and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since .. :)
he job hunt, interview preparations, understanding the new market has all been really challenging. From aligning your resume to the market here to getting into contractual jobs - which is how the market here mostly works. Its all been a far cry from what happens in India. Getting the first job they say is tough in a new market. Both me and hubz managed it in about a month - thanks to our endless research and efforts put on being market ready .. :). And afcourse the Lady luck was really, really smiling on us.

Being in Sydney - the 2nd or 3rd best city to live in the whole world, you surely have to pay the price. We definitely find it costlier in terms of rentals and travel expenses. Public transport is good but only if you need to travel to places along the train network. Climate is amazing though. And definitely loving the parks, bush walks and nature trails all around.

But I really feel blessed to have the kind of friends, well wishers and sometimes complete strangers offer so much help. The accommodations we were able to get after we landed here and the entire help we got from 2 lovely ladies - whom we were meeting for the first time was truly amazing. We eventually got to know people like us who had come on a PR and were in the same boat .. :). It was good to exchange experiences and support in such times.

Overall Sydney I feel is a truly global city. There are people from so many nationalities living here in harmony. In India we used to talk about diverse cultures. It's here I see it expanding many folds. There are Europeans, South Africans S.Koreans, Indians and many more apart from the locals, aboriginals and Newzealanders.

Looking forward to travelling and exploring this large beautiful country.


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