Harbor Bridge and Opera House, Sydney

Opera House

First free weekend in Sydney - where else can we go to but the Harbor Bridge and the Opera house - both amazing landmarks which identify with Sydney. We took the train to nearest rail station - Circular Qi. Right outside the station are the wharf from which there are boat ferries on to the Parramatta river network.
Harbor Bridge

On either sides of the wharf is a walkway decorated with benches at regular intervals. There are a few cafes as well along the walkway where you can enjoy a meal while looking out at the vast water body. There is a team of aboriginal men showing their skills with the weapons and musical instruments. The aboriginal music sets a very colorful and festive mood to the entire place. There are also other street artists doing magic shows or trapeze shows or just acting like statues.

Wharf area
Aboriginals showcasing their music

Opera house and Harbor Bridge as seen
from Royal Botanical garden

Royal Botanical Gardens

From the wharf if you head on the Opera house side, it's a lovely walk which goes around the opera house and into the royal botanical gardens on the other end. The entire walkway goes along the sea and gives a lovely view of the harbor bridge and Sydney skyline as well as the numerous yatches and cruise liners in the harbor. The royal botanical gardens is a spot of green oasis within the Sydney’s busy business district. It's a lovely, well maintained park and walking through it is very refreshing. Towards the end of the loop is the Lady Macquarie’s Chair - which is a chair like rock structure that gives an amazing view of the sea. We looped back from Macquarie’s chair back through the garden and at the wharf again. This is a half day leisure walk with options of having a picnic lunch in the royal botanical gardens followed by the famous Gellatismo ice cream near the wharf.

The Rocks
Pylon Lookout

From there we headed to the other side of the wharf - known as The Rocks. Again this is also a beautiful walk going alongside the sea with views of the Opera house and the Bridge. This is comparatively a small walk which terminates at the end of George street - one of the busiest streets in Sydney business district. From there we went up to the harbor bridge. The walk on the bridge which goes via the Pylon lookout is free to all. The other more popular option of actually climbing the harbor bridge needs you to buy a ticket. To me it seemed really scary climbing up on the bridge with just ropes and steel bars to hold you on track. So we took the easiest and cheapest option of walking along the bridge. This is also an enjoyable walk and gives amazing views of the Sydney sky line and the deep blue waters directly down.
Sydney Skyline as seen from bridge
Opera House as seen from the bridge
Definitely an enjoyable weekend visiting Sydney’s most popular attractions.


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