Kitchen Deco

Whoa! .. having a furnished kitchen helps a lot. I've already done setting it up with all basic stuff in place and am able to make a decent meal out of what ever I've assembled so far. so that's good enough .. :) Searching for some good options to organize it now. Came across loads of ideas, but 2 of them have really come out to be very effective - easy to implement + looks good +cheap . What more can I ask for? .. :) Take a look at these pics from the net to see how amazingly easy it is to organize your kitchen space.
Holders for spoons, spatulas, kitchen scissors and all things prone to be lost so easily.

Baskets - great and cheap option to place things like fruits/veggies. Hanging baskets can be great way to stash away all those papers/bills/receipts which get collected on top of the fridge. Baskets can also be placed in open shelves to store food items or empty cans/utensils which otherwise clutter the counter/shelves.



  1. waiting for the snaps of ur home now..

  2. how I wish it could be done faster .. :)


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