Death by Chocolate!!

Death by chocolate is a desert which has so much chocolate that it feels like drowning to death in chocolate .. :D

Not sure of its origins or what goes into the authentic recipe, I just decided to put some chocolaty options together and have some fun .. It turned out to be quite good.. :D

Basic ingredients:
Chocolate muffins/cup cake
Chocolate ice-cream
Chocolate to top it
Optional - chocolate sauce to actually let people drown in it ... :D

Cut the chocolate muffin and place it in a large bowl.
Add some chocolate ice-cream on top.
Finally for the topping, I added some shavings of a dairy milk.
Additionally you could add dry fruits or berries on it.
You can also pour some chocolate sauce on your bowl/dessert dish as well as on top.
To add a professional touch, add a chocolate stick for decoration ... ;)


 Death by chocolate is ready!! ... aah!! ... gruesome ... :)


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