ANZAC day parade ...

Had a lazy weekend at home. Since the temperatures are dipping, it feels better to sit at home and be cozy .. :)

Though we did get out for some time to have a look at the ANZAC day parade here in hornsby and get the patriotic feel around.
Drummer's Leading the parade
Followed by ...
It was a small parade with local authorities and schools/clubs participating to pay homage to the veteran soldiers. The most striking thing about the parade was the efficient management. From diverting traffic to managing the small crowd and finishing the entire thing on time with least hurdles for others was an exceptional thing. But for the actual parade, I'd be a lot more partial or favoring to the parades back in India. They are just too good .. :)

But overall the fervor and enthusiasm of general public and efficient participation of the authorities was really worth the time and effort.

War veterans .. 
Local teams ..


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