Whale Watching

Had a whale of a time .. at whale watching Sydney .. :)
It's that time of the year when the whales are on their north-wards migration probably due to winters in the southern hemisphere. They travel just a few kilometers off the coast of Sydney and are a treat to watch.

Though the biggest of the species weigh somewhere between 40-50 tons, the ones we saw were the hatchback whales which are between 20-25 tons.
They are really huge and from the cruise boat although quite far could be seen very clearly. The exhalation of water through blowholes that the whales do can actually be seen like a small fountain right in the middle of the ocean. It is always followed by the huge animal showing itself up and the famous pectoral fin which it flaps in the water just before going in for a long time below water.

It was a treat to see these huge creatures. The weather was great, the views amazing. We were even able to spot dolphins. Coming up and going back in the water in their trademark style. They are quite fast and almost impossible to capture on the camera. The whales too for their bulk are quite quick.

Sydney is known for it's whale watching experience and during the peak season, it has loads of whale watching cruises at different times. But I always prefer the early morning hours when the sea feels really calm yet welcoming. We had booked a 4-hour whale watching cruise which starts from the Circular Quay. Most tour operators operate from Circular Quay and can also include Manly beach as a pick-up point. The cruise in itself was also very entertaining, travelling through harbor and out in the open sea, passing through Manly as well as the cliffs at the Watson bay. The views of the city as you retreat towards the ocean are also very beautiful.

Over all a great experience and due to correct timing we were also able to actually see the whales. Would definitely love to go and see them again during Oct-Dec which is their southern migration.


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