6 years of blissful togetherness!!

If you are celebrating some occassion in sydney, you have to go to Darling Harbor .. :)
Opera House
Amazing place with lots of good restaurants at the waterfront. So many options to choose from that you dont have to worry about being a vegetarian either .. :). Yeah, I'm not a vegetarian but I always prefer going to a veg-friendly place because both me and hubz are very fussy about what meat we eat. So it's always good to have veg options handy in case we do not get anything to our liking.
Harbor bridge
Sydney Skyline from the boat
Although it was a weekday, we made bookings in advance so as not to have any surprises. It's easy enough to book any restaurants from their websites. From Circular Quay, there are regular ferries going to Darling Harbor. Although you can always walk or take a train if you want to travel to Darling harbor from the city, taking a boat adds that extra special touch to a beautiful evening .. :)
A liesure walk around the Circular quay wharves admiring the harbor bridge and opera house - I cant stop admiring these 2 edifices. I just love looking at them day or night. Lucky for me my workplace allows me to marvel the bridge and opera house all day long .. :) The boat ride to Darling harbor takes about 30 mins of travelling by the boat taking in the night time beauty of the sydney skyline. 
It being a weekday, Darling harbor was not too crowded. The king street wharf is a nice place with a small walkway along the waterfront, lined with the restaurants. We went to this spanish/mexican restaurant which had loads of special spanish mocktails. Loved their chicken empanada and tapas - they were kind enough to accomodate our requests to avoid meatballs or seafood and served us with chicken and spanish omlette instead. Overall a great evening and good food. Really generous servings that we hardly had any appetite for desserts. But afcourse I am not letting it go .. will have my dessert over the weekend. Looking forward to some devine cup cakes .. :D


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