Saturday Brunch ... Munch Munch!!

Tried a couple of new dishes this weekend. Wanted something which is tasty but healthy .. a tough combination. So decided on this menu for a lazy Saturday brunch - A simple Salad and Aubergine Kebabs. It turned out to be quite a surprise because it was actually very tasty - never thought salads could really taste so good ... :) Here's the simple recipe.

For Salad:
1. Nicely cut salad vegetables like lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and capsicum.

2. Mix them together in a salad bowl and add some salt and herbs to taste .. and you'r done ... :D
Tip: Add cubed cheese pieces (cheddar or regular cheese with chili flakes)

For Kebabs:

  1. Take a large Aubergine and cut it into slices - not too thin. Place this in water so that they do not start turning black. 
  2. Mix together mixed dal flour (available in markets - known as 'bhajani' here in Maharashtra) with salt and chili powder as per taste. 
  3. Place a flat pan on the gas and put little oil into it. Let it heat up nicely. 
  4. Now take one aubergine slice at a time and place it in the mixed flour. The flour should stick to the slice from both sides. 
  5. Place these slices on the pan. Turn them on other side once they are golden brown. Once cooked from both sides, they are ready to be devoured .. :)

Great food and great weather .. completely made my weekend .. :)


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