IPL ...

The Indian Premier League fever is going on in the country. And you simply cannot ignore it. 2 matches a day to the post IPL parties and player linkups - it makes for a lot of entertainment. Personally I do not support any particular team and I find this an overdose of cricket. But having an opportunity to see the match  between  Pune Warriors and Deccan Charges,I decided to go for it.

The new Subroto Roy Sahara stadium in Pune is a world class stadium. The amount of energy and enthusiasm was amazing. Loved every bit of it. There was a sea of blue flags - supporters of the Pune Warriors team. Everybody was dancing, screaming and waving flags for the cameras ... :)

The match was a different story sadly .. :( . Pune warriors lost the match to Deccan chargers. The first half of the match was most exciting. But due to restrictions on sound/noise, the second half of the match did not have any commentary or any kinds of sounds playing on the system. So it was like watching a game on mute. and without the benefits of camera zoom or replay ... :) :(

Although the facilities within the stadium are nicely set-up, parking is a major concern. More over it gets very difficult to manage such huge amounts of people. There was too much traffic while coming out from the parking and even on the highway on the way back to the city. It took us almost 2 hours to reach home from the stadium even at midnight.

But overall I definitely enjoyed the whole experience and would love to go again. 


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