Spinster days!!

Ya! .. its almost a month that I am married now and I've already started missing a lot of things that I did back in those days!! ... (thats about 30 days back!!) I now have a comfortable home set with all amenities .. regular maid/vegetable vendor/news paper n tv services included. But I miss those days when our 'bai' came in only 4 days a week. Home was a mere room with a few most required things put together!!
I've been living a nomadic life for last entire decade almost, ever since I left home for college n beyond.
I still remember my first hostel room .... 4 beds and 2 tables within 80 sq.ft.We had these miniature built in cupboards in the wall which was shared 20% by my cloths,meager personal care products, books and sheets and remaining 80% by the fungal affection(?!) the walls got in rainy season. From toothbrush,shoe polish, scientific calculator to decaying contents of a month old pack of chips!! .. you could find it all on those tables.
During the exams we were so busy cramming our brains with crap that we rarely noticed the cobwebs and fine layers of dust covering everything, including even us sometimes .. :) My roomie had this habit of lighting incense sticks as a bribe probably to the almighty asking him to rescue us during those horrifying hours called examination. On 1 occasion we were actually successful in finding all the 17 matchsticks she used for lighting the incense sticks, 1 each for 1 day of the exam! .. :) They were caught in the myriad cobwebs spanning the entire area below our tables ...
But all in all staying with friends is a different and a great experience. You don't have to bother about what to cook for lunch n dinners (not that I have to bother much about it now ... since my husband is also used to, infact still loves the carefree nomadic life and does not mind eating out) Weekends are party time always. You dont have to worry about that cooked dinner at home which will be rotting if you plan to eat out on spur of a moment. You dont feel embarrassed if you are unable to produce a decent cup of tea for you guests and nor do your guest (the usual gang of friends) mind. Infact they are happy to be relieved of the danger of drinking tea made by you. Well stability definitely has quite a few drawbacks for nomadic people like me. Maybe a decade from now I will have learned the trick of staying in same place for years .. :)


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