Murud Janjira

Had a great trip this weekend, away from the urban influences.We had been to Murud-Janjira, a small town on the Konkan coastal strip. It has a beautiful and amazingly unadulterated beach strip with white sands, blue waters and the greenery around. The mighty Janjira - the uncaptured fort completes the picture.

Stayed there at the Golden swan resort which is bang on the beach.The resort is nicely managed. It has 2 sections - the main section and the newly added section. The newly added section is a bit too much secluded from the main section. May be its just my fears but it does not look too safe at night. But overall loved my stay there.

Janjira is a sea-fort, the only fort which was not captured by the brave Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj. We need to travel to the fort on sailboats which start from the Rajapuri jetty in Murud. The main gate of the fort even though facing the shore, is built in such a way that it can be seen only when one is very close to it. There is also a small gate which opens to the Sea - for escape. There are many bastions - buruj on it, some of which even house canons sadly rusting now. There are traces of palaces, one huge well of sweet water, a mosque and many storage houses which were used to store grains and ammunition to be used when under seige.


The beach is beautiful and mostly deserted, giving it a feel of being a personal beach .. :) It felt amazing to go for morning walk and really made me feel never to return back.
Evenings are calm and super peaceful. Loved to sit and watch the sunset. And back at the resort they served this awesome malwani fish curry .. man!! .. I'm going back there .. :)


  1. like like like...I wanna go too...

  2. Yeah Agni ... Konkan is an amazing place and there are many such awesome beaches .. def worth a trip .. :)


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