DIY ... Handmade Diwali Cards

This year I wanted to  try out some new DIY ideas for the Diwali cards and came across some interesting options. Here's how I've tried to implement a few ...

  • Stock Paper
  • set of colorful craft papers
  • set of other stick-on craft items
  • scissors and glue
  • colored pens for borders/writings

  • Start with cutting your stock paper into cards of required size and shape. I've stuck to simple rectangular shaped cards. 
  • Decide on a theme, so that you can shortlist few items which depict that theme - here I've opted for Diwali, so I went for 'Diyas' - simple and apt for the festive season. Other common option can be flowers - which can pretty much suit any occasion. 
  • For other stick-on craft items I've used gold-red brocade laces to resemble the festive season. Alternate option would be to use colorful paper.This is for the borders. 
  • For generic decorations, star shaped gold-red colored stick-on's and shiny flowers or any other color/shaped stick-on's . This can be basically anything you like and something which would suit your theme ... :)
  • Finally cut the colorful craft paper into objects of your decided theme. So I've cut some diya shapes from the brown colored paper and some flames from the orange/yellow colored paper. 
  • For generic theme - flowers, cut petals of different shapes and colors. You can also cut small flowers with five petals or basically any floral pattern of your choice. 
  • Once you've collected all raw materials - different border patterns, different detailing patterns and generic decorations, then its only about sticking them creatively on your cards. 
  • Start by sticking the decorative border, add detailing like 'diyas' or flowers and finish with generic decorations of your choice. 
  • Finally its 'Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!' inside the card and your good to go ... :)
Check out some of my implementations here ... 


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