Colors of Independence ..

Dudhi halwa - one of my favorite since it's easy to make and healthier as well.  Below is my simple recipe:

  1. Grate the dudhi by peeling it with slicer and making small manageable pieces.
  2. Heat some home made ghee in a 'kadhai' and add the grated dudhi into it
  3. Saute the Dudhi till it changes the color slightly
  4. Add some 'malai' and a little bit of milk and sugar as per taste
  5. Let it cook for about 10mins on low flame
  6. Finally add some shavings of almonds/cashews/pistachios as per requirement

And for some fun ... :)
Take a little amount of 'kesar' and mix it well in the milk.
Add this to a small amount of 'halwa' to give it an orange hue
Alternatively, you could also use orange food color to give it a better color.
Arrange the 'Halwa' in 2 layers to represent the Indian flag - Orange and Green
In the center sprinkle some coconut to give it a white color look.

Using food color, these colors and decoration can be changed as per the occasion .. :)
Happy Independence Day!! .... 


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