Pune ...

Pune has been a home to me for almost a decade now. Young and vibrant, the  city always welcomes everybody. Over the years I've visited many places around Pune - known for it's historical forts and temples. Even within Pune, there is this range of hills - known by various names at various locations. Vanadevi in Warje area, law college 'tekdi' or MIT 'tekdi' near MIT which ends at Chatushrungi temple. I've never been able to traverse it as a whole from the top but I've climbed it at various points like Vanadevi or law college and just this week at Chatushrungi.

Early mornings in pune, and specially sundays are really nice - hardly any traffic on the roads. We reached Chatushrungi at 7:30 am. There is a limited parking area which was thankfully empty. The temple and nearby area has been renovated and made more user friendly. There are benches and rest places at specific points while climbing up. The premises is kept very clean

The actual temple at the top is a small place. Beautifully decorated. A very serene and country style  idol adorns the temple. We can further venture to the top of the hill. It's an amazing view from the top .. :) The early morning timing and the serene setting really made my day.

On the way back we we went through the FC road. Wadeshwar, Roopali, Vaishali ... all landmarks on FC were equally inviting. The sunday morning joggers and senior citizen clubs were enjoying there morning cuppa. Appa chutney and filter coffee at wadeshwar - that was the cream on the top.

 Looking forward for more such peaceful sundays .. trick is getting up early ... yawnnnnnn .. :)


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