Lavasa aaa aaa

Monsoons are here!! The hills and mountain ranges around Pune look amazing with every imaginable shade of green covering the landscapes and numerous small falls lined on the ghats and roads. Add to it good roads, ample eating options and clean loos .. :D. That's when you've got a winner.

Lavasa is a planned city about 60 kms from Pune, near the Varasgaon dam. The roads are in very good condition inspite of heavy rains in that area. Once you leave the Pune city area, the roads go winding down the green valleys and there are number of small waterfalls on the way. You will find small tea-tapris and local folks selling garam bhutta on the way. It feels amazing to have a hot n spicy bhutta while getting drenched in the drizzling rains. 

The entry point for Lavasa is at the top of the ghat and once inside, its a beautiful view of the city beneath. It beautifully winds down to the city area. As of now the city has a commercial street, few colleges and few hotels which seem to have started operations. The residential areas, markets and schools are probably still under construction.

The commercial street is designed just like a high street in the European countries. You have the water flowing form one side and coffee shops, diners and bakerys lined on the other side. There are the usual subway and chat options as well as some good restaurants like the american diner - with loads of yummy burger options and thick shakes. Then we have the grandma store which servers amazing coffee and muffins. 

On the way down there is a walking trail which takes you up the nearby hills. The walking trail is made interesting with wood cut tables and benches placed in clearings on the way. They also have small bridges and stone cut steps to give it a jungle trail look. 

On an whole it was a nice experience and the 'near to nature' feel is still lingering in my head. Planing to head to another exciting destination coming weekend!! ... :) 


  1. damn Nishi...I'm so J...First , I dont know of any such places near where I stay, second ,even if I did, we wouldn't have ever been able to go.. :(


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