Weekend Wrap-up

Had a very fun filled weekend. Learned 2 new recipes, watched couple of  recent movies and made my first monsoon trip of this season. oh and my garden too is growing, the coriander seeds I had planted have sprouted into coriander leaves. Waiting to pluck my first homegrown vegetable .. :D
Learned Tandoori Chicken - or rather grilled Chicken leg piece sounds more like what we made. Got some Chicken leg pieces from the store. Marinated them for about 2 hours with a mix of curd, chilli powder, haldi and chicken masal. Add a dash of garam masala as well. Finally grilled it in an  OTG for about 30 mins. And awesome chicken is ready .. :)

Finished it with some fruit punch. Named it so because it uses mixed fruit juice. But its more of mixed fruit juice float i guess. Mix any packaged fruit drink like mixed/mango/litchee etc and Vanilla icecream in a blender and pour them in cocktail glasses. You are done .. :)

Awesome food and some good entertainment. Watched zindagi na milegi doobara and Harry potter part 2 along with this. ZNMD is more like spain tourism doc, very predictable, hardly a story line. But good virtual tour of spain. Being a total fan of HP, i thoroughly enjoyed the final HP movie. But sadly nothing out of ordinary here.

And about the trip ... went to Lavasa - a planed city about 45-50kms from pune. Twas totally grand. Would need an entire blog to write about it .. :)


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