Mera pehla sutta

Why should boys have all the fun??!! Pretty popular line from a famous advertisement of the latest 100cc moped. But this has been around us for quite a few years now. It all started from the time when we (me and my like minded friends) realized that there are some things which boys enjoy more and which are at times inaccessible to us. Always into the rebellion mode, I took a surest way out of my secured environment, my home.
I went to study in a residential college away from home. Not that I had to face a lot of restrictions back home but there are some things which are more enjoyable when done secretly.
Examinations are a time when all your real friends are there with you (in planning things which involve skipping studies) .That has been the time when I’ve discovered most of my real close pals. This was my first year in college and my very first university exam that too of a subject which I better don’t say anything about, engineering mathematics.
A real scoundrel who has taken up my most wonderful years in life (people who know ATKT will know what I mean)
The plan had been hatched during the PLs itself. One of my room mates had a chain smoker dad (“had a” because chain smoking has passed away now, leaving dad hail and hearty). So we stole 2 cigarettes from his packet. 2 because that was all remaining in the packet. Back at hostel the news had spread fast in that “inner” circle. Eve of engineering mathematics paper, we all frustrated souls had assembled in our room. My not so like minded roommates had been shoved out on some pretext (we were 4 in a room).
The preparations for our grand plan had been meticulously planed and executed. We had got a match box and a box of incense sticks (later was to drive away the smoky smell). We made sure that all nerds were busy studying and no one was there to disturb us before locking the doors. It was around 8 pm in the month of June just before our dinner time. It had been raining for some time.5 of us had locked ourselves in my room and were ready to enjoy that great moment.
As I was just about to light my ciggi, the lights went out due to the heavy rains. There were loud groans from all over the place since people were studying seriously. In the confusion that followed, that ciggi fell down in our “exam time messy” room. People staying in hostels will know what “exam time messy” rooms are like. After an unsuccessful search of about 6 to 8 mins and 4 ignited matches, we decided to try our luck with the other ciggi.
This time I was not given the honor of lighting that first ciggi. So it was lighted and we each had a chance to try and smoke it. Well!!! All you smokers know what it is like. But unfortunately what followed was nothing like that. 3 of us started coughing loudly. Somebody probably heard the noise and confusion coming from our room and started knocking on our door. In the panic of driving away the smoky smell before someone else smells it, 1 of my friends lighted all the incense sticks that we had got. We opened the door and explained to who ever were there outside that we had been praying to god to give us success in our tomorrow’s paper.
The exam and the results that followed were perhaps not that memorable but the experience of trying something out secretly and breaking rules and cheating rectors and other hostel occupants was a sure memorable event.


  1. Hey nice draft. I had told you long back you decide to write words will flow automatically.As it normally happens hope this time you dont get bored of this.

  2. hey - awesome post gal - way to go - keep posting - am gonna bcom ur follower.

  3. This is lovely Nishi...loved reading every bit of it


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