Sunday the Funday

Sunday the Funday .. well not so much for me. I'm in office. But our office isn't that much a bad place. You get to surf a lot on the net, free coffee. Food isn't all that bad either.
But still I hate to be in the office on a sunday. Saturday I may not mind that much but sunday???!!
Since school sundays are supposed to be special. Back at home both parents had a holiday. So it was a feast day. We surely had something sweet for lunch. Again in college, sunday we used to go out for lunch to escape the boring monotony of hostel mess. All in all sundays have always been fundays.
Also before the advent of this cable network, we had a lot of cartoons and children programs on DD on sundays. We used to look forward for this rare TV viewings. So looking forward to next biiig weekend now.


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