Thanda thanda cool cool

Swimming is my favorite sport. Specially during summers. Its such a wonder full cool feeling to be in water. But probably swimming is enjoyable only to those who know how to swim. I can say this because once I was on the other side of the door.When I was very young, my parents tried to teach me swimming. We had this early morning family batch. They self tutored me but I had an immense dread of water. Once I remember an incident which resulted in my parents never again trying to teach me to swim. It were some summer holidays and our usual family batch. My dad had been forcing me to leave the wall and try to swim in the middle of the pool. But I was so damn afraid that I did not let that side bar go. Finally he pulled me and took me on his back and started swimming towards the deeps. I started shouting loudly and hitting him (yaa I did hit him I remember.. but worst is yet to come). But he was in no mood to leave me. As an last resort, I bit him hard on his back. ouch!!! bit my dad??!!... yaa. When it comes to something near to life, you can expect all weird reactions.So finally he let me off and I was out of the pool the next instant.After that they stopped forcing me and for next 3/4 years I blissfully enjoyed these swimming batches from outside the pool.Finally when I was old enough, I and my friends decided to beat the heat with some swimming. It was then along with my friends that I realized how nice it was to swim. I learned it within no time and became an expert. Now I swim only in the deeps to avoid crowds and every summer I look forward for some nice fun in cool waters.


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