Had a very busy weekend .. what with relatives and shopping!! :):( .. 
I mean I love shopping but then this is really different. Shadi ki shopping!! Thats what I have been doing past couple of days and belive me its pretty boring. Specially with Mom around, she just loves shopping. In past 2 days I must have seen all varieties of sarees made by mankind. And its really hard to tell the difference. For me, all are just the same. Thankfully its over .. :)  I let mom decide my sarees. Anyways I am damn sure I am never going to wear them once this function is over. So its finally going to be added to her ever growing wardrobe.
But these shopping trips with mom and relatives has left me with all mixed feelings. Its kind of a realisation that I'm about to do something which would be changing certain things permanantly. I know my would be husband since past three years and its not about him. Rather he too is in the same dilema as me. Because as far as I've seen lives do change a lot after the M thing and we both seem to be very comfortable with life which is there as of now. But then you have to do certain things and so am I. But no matter how well you know each other; no matter how comfortable you are in each others company, we are now going to share our lives with each other's families as well. I'll be leaving my roomies, my flat which I've been sharing with them for last 2 years and lot of memories!! ... Eventhough I'll still be coming to same ofice, still be going out with same people, still be calling home every 2 days ... things are definately going to change ...
and although I love changes ....this  M thing leaves you a bit nervous


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