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How accomplished am I?? Do you ever ask this to your self?
There are so many things that I have always wanted to do, but somehow I never find time for them. And then I see people who manage time so nicely. They work as long as I do, yet they manage to wear pressed cloths every other day. Yet they manage to play some sport, read their favorite book.
Every new year I make a resolution that I am going to bring some semblance of dicipline in my life. That I am going to be regular at the gym. That I'll dress well to the office. That I will .... :D the list is endless like always.
Sometimes I wonder do i put myself uneccessarily under pressure? for wanting to do things.
But then another thought pops up. If not now then, when will I do all that I've always wanted to do .. :) I got a question for people my age .. Are you all also equally confused as I am?? .. :) Guess even if you are not, by now I've surely confused you!! .. :) well something accomplished in the end!! .. :)


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