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Town Hall
Great month so far. May-June is best time for us since we have too many occasions to celebrate. Both our birthdays and anniversary fall in the same period. Things like our first car and possession of our first house together also fall during the same period. Nice coincidence.

So to celebrate all these events, been on a shopping spree. Got myself a new Samsung S3 4G. Nice phone and best with the 4G reception. It really feels as good as being on wi-fi.

Also since we are still so new in Sydney there are loads and loads of places and opportunities to explore. Working in CBD has been good as I get to experience the city feel. With the trains bustling with people on peak times and the lunch hour frenzy at the food courts. The sleek shopping areas and sleeker people. Loving it all.

Few snaps of the Pitt street mall and Town hall areas in the vicinity.


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