Tried something different for Hubby's birthday today. Pavlova. Well the name and snaps suggests some really complicated, delicate desert. But it's pretty simple and more like assembling off-shelf products. Probably the original dish is indeed a complicated, delicate desert created in the honor of a Russian dancer during her Australia/New Zealand tours in the 1920s.

The pavlova shells or nests are available off the shelf in any groceries stores. These are shaped like cream nests with a crest and are crispy and sweet. The filling is any simple flavored yogurt. And the toppings can be any fruit of the season.

I've used the following ingredients here:

  • Off-shelf Pavlova nests
  • Blueberry flavored yogurt
  • Cherries, Strawberries and Kiwi fruit - local and in season

Assembling this desert hardly takes a few minutes. Also it tastes best when the outer nests are still crispy, hence it should be made just before consuming so that the nests don't turn soggy with too much time with yogurt.

  • Place the crispy nests on serving plate
  • Fill them with a couple of spoons of yogurt. Do not over do this or it gets difficult to eat them.
  • Cut the fruits and place them in the creamy yogurt. Decorate as you feel the best.
  • It can also be topped with some crush or jam

Enjoy ... 


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