Vivid Sydney

Lights show at Opera House

It feels really different to have winter in May .. :) But the climate in Sydney is really beautiful. So even in winters we have sunny days which really feel great. Another event we were looking forward to was Vivid Sydney - the festival of lights, music and ideas. The main venue for this is the Opera House and the area around it. The preparations start about a week in advance. They have huge light installations along the Rocks. The buildings in CBD also participate in this with their own installations and idea exchange forums. There are many music shows as well lined up during this event at various venues around Sydney.

Custom House
Color changing light panels

The main attractions this year were the 'Move your Building' installation at the Custom House. This had a digital projection over the whole building with music. There were few specific themes during which the music and the projection played in sync to create an illusion that the building is actually dancing .. Well it's tough to write down, but it was awesome to actually experience it.

Light show on a boat

Flowers which bloom sensing movement

The installation at AMP building was also very interesting. There was a designated area where, when somebody walked, a spot light would follow them. If more number of people come in that space, that many more spot lights will start moving. It created an amazing illusion. They also had those flower which would bloom when people moved closer to it.

The most magnificent installation was afcourse the Opera house, which had a laser show using the Opera house building as the canvas. Totally loved it. There were various other light illustrations along the Rocks which included projections over the buildings, floating lights and lighted benches and so on.

On the weekends, the place was nice and crowded with inviting street food options all along. Totally loved the festival and the enthusiasm and energy around it. The lights start at 6 in the evening and go on till 11 in the night. The complete area around Rocks is transformed into this beautiful, lively and inviting place with large crowds enjoying the lights, street food and well the crowd .. :)


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